A downloadable game for Windows

In Grace, you are a spaceship who got caught in an endless spiral. You lost control over your engines but strangely you can manipulate gravity. Use this power to avoid obstacles and collect precious meteors.

Controls :

You can manipulate the nearest obstacle to you.

Arrow keys to move obstacles.

R/T to rotate Left and Right the obstacles.

Look for the spotlight to know where you're heading.

This is one of my first Unity3D games. I had a few ideas that I wanted to try like proceduraly generated obstacles and music controlled design. I created the tetris obstacles by myself. Most of the scripts are also done by me. I used some assets from the internet, I don't claim any rights on them.

For any requests or bug reports you can contact me at :

email : najahi.yakin@gmail.com

twitter : @nightkenny


Grace.rar 20 MB