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Welcome to your doom.

In Howly Day, you're a werewolf and your village has discovered your true nature. Villagers, sorcerers and other creatures are unleashed to stop you. Your only goal is to survive during day and wait until night comes in order to regain your full powers and get your revenge.

The gameplay is unique since creatures react to your actual state. They are agressive and are chasing you during day, while they run from you and are more passive during night.

During day, you're weak, you walk slowly, you use your arrows to defend yourself from your enemies while at night you're a mighty werewolf, quicker and stronger, invoking fear in your enemies heart.

Controls (Day/Night) :

- Arrows to move.

- Left Ctrl to attack (archer/swipes)

- Space to jump (during day you jump automatically when you step on ledges)

- If you are hurt, you need to press space three times in order to rise again.

This project was made for a local game development jam, I had 48 hours to develop a game under the theme "Chaser being chased". This game won the 2nd prize.

Initially, I wanted to create two characters, a werewolf (male) and a vampire (female) for the story mode with different kind of gameplay. Unfortunately, I was restricted by time. Also I have created 7 different enemies with different behaviors, but I didn't have enough time to code a proper way to invoke them.

Most of the graphic and sound assets were found on the internet. I don't claim any rights on them.

For any requests or bug reports you can contact me at :

email : najahi.yakin@gmail.com

twitter : @nightkenny

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Published2 years ago
Tagsday, night, Platformer, Survival, werewolf
Player countSingleplayer


Werewolf.unity3d (13 MB)